What is Permanent Make up

Permanent Make up, sometimes referred to as Semi- Permanent Make up, Cosmetic Tattooing, Microblading & Micro pigmentation, are in fact one and the same thing! There are different application methods including digital machine & hand tool method but whatever device your technician uses it is still a tattoo! In cosmetic tattooing mineral pigments are used instead of traditional inks that are used in body tattoo, pigment molecules are larger than ink molecules therefore they break down in the skin quicker, also cosmetic tattooing is not implanted as deep as body tattoos which is why they fade over time. Traditional inks are not licensed or tested for use on the face whereas all the pigments I use have under gone rigorous testing and are approved by the FDA for use on the face.

I prefer to use a digital machine for all of my treatments as I have more control and I get better healed results....I also believe that after time microblading, which is a pen like tool with a row of needles that slice/cut the skin, which in my opinion will cause scarring over time.

Not everyone is suitable for semi permanent make up & not all styles working for every skin e.g. hair stroke brows are unlikely to hold in an oily skin with large pores...I would therefore suggest a powder or ombre brow. Results vary from client to client dependent on skin, lifestyle, age, medication etc and results are not guaranteed. It can take up to 6 weeks to see the healed results (sometimes longer for lips)

Once healed it is recommended to wear SPF over the area to prevent the pigment fading in the sun. Top ups are normally required annually or every 18 months.

Prices include your first appointment and your top up 4-8 weeks later

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Ombre Brows at The Body Place

PMU by Terri-Anne at The Body Place, North LOndon