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Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my site, my name is Terri-Anne and I own 'The body Place'. I've always struggled with my weight and I think there main reason is not eating regularly! I find it hard to eat breakfast first thing and then due to my job I can go the whole day with out eating, I then enjoy a pretty healthy meal in the you would think I didn't have a problem with weight gain??? Wrong, due to my irregular eating patterns my metabolism is so slow, hence the reason I decided to try Herbalife.


In my opinion this isn't for people that can manage eating healthy and's not about replacing your porridge with a shake, for me it's about replacing a non existent meal with a shake.

I pre make my breakfast and lunch shakes so I can have them on the go in between clients. I lost weight, feel healthier and my skin looks great!

The reason for this little blog is because clients keep asking me what I've been doing and how i've lost weight so I've decided to let you all know here and if you are interested in joining my journey then you can purchase here-

Any questions please just ask and if you want me to recommend a plan then just email and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Best Wishes